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sharp; critical; sometimes snide.

I’m just saying what I’m thinking…

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I have thoughts. My thoughts have thoughts. Your thoughts and my thoughts should meet for drinks.


Furry Friends

Pets. Any of my fellow snarks pet lovers? I love animals of every kind. As a kid I was always bringing home new pets. There

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Relaxing in a hammock on a beach at sunset

Romantic Comedy

When things get rough I have a hard time focusing on reading. Or even watching anything that is serious on television. This is where the

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Pretty girl enjoying music

Do You Podcast?

Over the past year I have become smitten with podcasts. So much information that can be listened to while working, driving, showering…any time! I personally

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Woman legs in the corner of the bath
Self Care

Soak It Up

Today is a great day to focus on self care. Baths. I love baths… For me, a soak in the tub can do wonders for

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