Does Anyone Actually Like Leopard Print?

I thought my love for leopard print was ironic but something happened and I think I actually like it now. And I’m not alone! Safari-chic is in right now and you can find pretty much everything leopard patterned.   You’ll be ready to kick ass with American Apparel’s leopard spandex jersey harem pants. Sure, they look ridiculous,…

11 Celebrities With Their Eyebrows Photoshopped Off

  Have you ever wondered what people would look like without eyebrows? Yeah I’ve been stoned before too. Here are 11 celebrities with and without eyebrows.   Sofia Vergara knows that eye makeup makes it easier to pull off a chic sans-brow look.   Browlessness is tough to pull off as you get older but…

10 Badass Flowers

Don’t let the pretty flower part fool you, literally all parts of the Castor Oil Plant are toxic and a tiny amount – just one milligram – could easily end an adult’s life. Remember the poison in Breaking Bad? It’s more deadly than cyanide. Ricin is from the castor plant’s beans, which contain some of the most powerful venom in the world….

Obvious Positive Life Choices!

I’m sure you’ve seen those articles that advertise a definitive list of things that happy people do, which makes you ask yourself why you aren’t able to do half the things on that list. You’re happy, right? You don’t need to wake up early and run 5 miles to be satisfied with your life. Here are some…

An Arbitrary Amount of Weird Facts about the Duggars

The Duggar kids all have J names because after they gave the first three kids J names, they felt like it would be weird to stop. There are plenty of J names available, but ask “Jinger” how she feels about that.