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sharp; critical; sometimes snide.

I’m just saying what I’m thinking…

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I have thoughts. My thoughts have thoughts. Your thoughts and my thoughts should meet for drinks.

Love Your Heart

We all have moments in life that change our course. We have moments that make us question everything we have ever known, everything we have

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Mokara Spa in Orlando FL

Ahhhhh…self care. I am a big proponent of carving out time for yourself. This week I traveled to Orlando for a work conference. Mega long

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Laughs from Kid 2

Kid 2 is a pre-teen boy. While his sister is sweet and innocent in her brand of funny this one is witty and sarcastic. Riding

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Laughs from Kid 1

I have 2 children. They are both hilarious in different ways. Kid 1 is a teenage girl. You can get to know her brand of

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Book Nerdery

A little about Snarky Lady… I have always been intrigued by words. I started reading very young and before I could decipher the words I

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