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All About the Nook

Where are my reader friends?

Let’s talk reading spots. Where do you like to read?

For me, reading is best in a nesting area. My bedroom is my haven and that is where I do the most reading. It’s the place I go to slow down, to breathe and relax.

I feel that having a place like this in your home is essential. If you aren’t an avid reader, than you need this space for meditation, reading magazines, painting your nails, hiding from your kids…whatever.

And isn’t the word nook a lot of fun to throw about? When you were a kid did you have a special place that felt like all your own? I had a few. A closet, a shed in the back yard, under my covers fort style. Who says adults can’t have hide-y spots?

Here are some spots that reader friends have created their nook environment:

  • A sunny corner of a favorite coffee shop
  • A window seat
  • A walk-in closet corner
  • A spare bedroom turned office
  • A spot in the basement
  • A “she shed”
  • A hammock in the sun room

Let’s see nooks! Take a photo of your favorite spot and post in the comments.

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