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This Is Where I Leave You

A recommendation for my fiction friends who enjoy a spot of dry humor: “This is Where I Leave You” by Jonathon Tropper

This was the first book I read by Jonathan Tropper several years ago. I enjoyed it and have recommended it to many reader friends over the years.

Sarcastic or dry humor is my go-to flavor and this book has a perfect amount. I found myself laughing in the first few chapters. Points for an author that gets me laughing early on!

One thing I enjoy about Tropper is that he gives realistic, not sugar coated, observations of life and love. There is beauty in dysfunction.

While humorous, there are also portions of the book that are poignant and thought provoking. Below are a few quotes that struck me.

“We all start out so damn sure, thinking we’ve got the world on a string. If we ever stopped to think about the infinite number of ways we could be undone, we’d never leave our bedrooms.”

“You’re terrified of being alone. Anything you do now will be motivated by that fear. You have to stop worrying about finding love again. It will come when it comes. Get comfortable with being alone. It will empower you.”

“You never know when it will be the last time you’ll see your father, or kiss your wife, or play with your little brother, but there’s always a last time. If you could remember every last time, you’d never stop grieving.”

“That’s the thing about life; everything feels so permanent, but you can disappear in an instant.”

Check it out if you haven’t. If you have, I would love to chat about it with you in the comments!

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