Portrait of a woman reading book in an old library

The Disheveled Reader

An avid reader starts to notice reading personality traits about themselves and fellow readers. When you spend a good portion of your time with a book, your habits start to become a personality style.

Today’s reading personality type strongly resembles me. I have many more to share so stay tuned for the other personality types!

A disheveled reader is the proud owner of these quirks:

  • Will cancel all social obligations when in the middle of an amazing book.
  • Will hide in a bathroom and read if forced into an all-day social setting.
  • Will stealthily read on the Kindle app at sporting events and in PTA meetings.
  • Will be reading multiple books at the same time.
  • Will stop reading a book in the middle and then start reading it again months later.
  • Will start a series and spend years reading it in between many other series.
  • Will read most any genre. If it has words, she will check it out.
  • Will quit a book if it doesn’t catch her interest in the first few chapters.
  • Will not be ashamed to read the ending after only a few chapters.
  • Will always have a recommendation for you…she just has to consult her list first.

Anyone feel kinship with this type of reader? Any quirks to add?

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