Furry Friends

Pets. Any of my fellow snarks pet lovers? I love animals of every kind. As a kid I was always bringing home new pets. There was my beloved childhood cat Mr. Bill (who was a girl), and childhood dog Patches, a multitude of hermit crabs that had play dates and funeral services, birds, craw dads, newts, fish, tadpoles, water frogs, hamsters, turtles…if it was living, and I came across it or could afford it, it was mine!

I currently have an almost 2 year old furry toddler named Koda. He is a great pyrenees and about 140 pounds of gorgeous boy.

I also have three cats. This officially qualifies me as a cat lady…which I am proud to be. There is 15 year old Whiskers, 8 (ish) year old Tyson and almost 1 year old Milo.

There are many articles about the health benefits that pets bring. I agree with all of them! Animals are especially skilled at providing emotional support.

I plan to post a Furry Friends series about my pet entourage, benefits of pets and animal themed books I have enjoyed.

Post a picture of your Furry friend in the comments!

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