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Spoiled Dogs = Happy Dogs

I will admit it, I spoil my pets relentlessly. Koda Bear is a giant fuzzy toddler in a dog body. He is almost 2 and the sweetest boy. I decided to try Bark Box for him. I purchased a 6 month subscription and received his first box in April. This was before we starting fostering Slate, a beautiful Great Dane. So her opinions aren’t given here. Wait until you meet her. She is the sweetest girl.

Back to the box…the April shipment contained two “super chewer” toys (you can choose the type of toys your dog receives based on their penchant for destruction). two chewy meat sticks and two bags of treats.

The toys Koda received were made of strong material. One was shaped as a bee hive and the other as a dove. He enjoyed these for the first few days, but then forgot about them. He was unable to destroy them, although he did make some considerable effort. He would recommend the super chewer toys for dogs that like to continue to chew and chew, without getting bored. Koda moved on to a cardboard box so he could feel manly about his shred power.

The meat sticks he received were made by Thinkers. He received both Duck and Salmon flavors. He loved these! There were like a giant beef jerky stick and kept him occupied for a few minutes. He was licking his lips and searching for more! Thinkers sticks are made without added fillers and are good for pups with sensitive tummies. Koda recommends these. He gives them 5 stars. I was able to find these on Amazon, so ordered him a few more.

The bags of treats were by Love At First Bite. He received Baaaaaad Romance and Down to Duck flavors. First of all, how amazing are these names?? He loved, loved, loved these treats. Another healthier option for his sensitive tummy. These were harder to find. I’m hoping to find them on Amazon or Chewy, my two favorites to order pet stuffs.

And the support at Bark Box is awesome. I emailed them to request a level down in toy durability and they were prompt in responding and very helpful. I wanted to copy the email because I loved it. No robotic responses, or they have a very good robot. Loved the little puns, exclamation points and emoticons. I want to be friends with Jig now.

My email to barkbox: Hi! I wanted to change my durability…we are currently getting the super chewer. I wanted to go down one like…just chewer? Couldn’t seem to figure out how to make the change on the site.

Very quick response: “Hi there, Lindsay and Koda! Jig here with BARK to lend a paw! Thank you for barking in! How are you and Koda doing today? My pups Anra and CC say hi. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sorry that the Super Chewer toys are not working well for Koda. We are here to make sure you guys are getting the most out of the boxes. We can help by switching you to the durable Classic plan for the rest of your boxes! The toys will be plush but we’ll add the More Durable option so that it will have tougher fabrics and double stitching! ๐Ÿ™‚ If there’s anything else we can help you with please don’t hesitate to bark in! Thank you for choosing BARK! Keep those tails waggin’ and have a pawsitive day ahead! Kind woofs, Jig–BARK Happy Ambassador “Obsessed with making pups and their parents happy.”

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