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Hello fellow snarks. I am not a good cook. Not at all. Ask Kid 1 and Kid 2 and they will freely tell you how horrible they feel about meals prepared by their amazing Mother. And I want to disagree…I really do. However history has proven that I’m quite inept in the kitchen. I’m great at finding recipes (Pinterest shout out!!), but not so good at planning, having the right ingredients or following the recipes without getting distracted.

My main weakness in the cooking game is that I am always distracted. I start doing something and then see a pile of catalogs and then check my online banking and then find my wallet…and then remember (usually to a smell of smoke) that I was cooking.

A few months ago a friend of mine tried one of the meal box services that are sprouting up all over the inter webs. I decided to research and see what I could find that might work with my limited skill and my picky children. And then I found Home Chef.

Home Chef has been amazing for me. You get numerous meals to choose from each week and can customize the serving size by meal. You can order as much, or as little, as you want each week. You can also skip weeks! And the best part for me is that they send you literally every ingredient aside from salt and pepper. The exact amount you need for the recipe is included in your shipment. And each meal is separated into it’s own cute resealable bag.

The picture above? I made that. For real. I was so amused with myself. I minced shallots! Which I had never done. Kid 1 had to teach me the mincing technique. And I made a demi glaze and goat cheese butter. What?! The meals I have made (except one, which I really messed up by getting distracted while browning garlic) have been restaurant quality.

Check it out if you are looking for an easy way to plan your weekly meals, you hate grocery shopping and/or you have not been successful in the kitchen in the past.

You can sign up here…you will get $35 off your first order and I will get $35 off my next order. Win-Win!!

If you already use Home Chef service, post some pictures in the comments!

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