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Laughs from Kid 1

I have 2 children. They are both hilarious in different ways. Kid 1 is a teenage girl. You can get to know her brand of hilarity through my posts.

Today’s funny commentary (text with no grammar corrections, but slight language clean up):

Kid 1: Oh my forking god I just learned that the titanic was a real thing

Kid 1: I thought it was just a movie with jack and rose

Later conversation is person…

Kid 1: So did Jack really die, then?

Mom: There was no Jack.

Kid 1: What?! So who was Rose with, then?

Mom: There was no Rose.

Kid 1: (stunned face, speechless, mind blown)

So Snarks…tell you children today that the Titanic happened ‘IRL’ and that movies based on real events are often adjusted for the drama factor.

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