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Laughs from Kid 2

Kid 2 is a pre-teen boy. While his sister is sweet and innocent in her brand of funny this one is witty and sarcastic.

Riding in the car, going to visit Grandparents for Christmas.

Kid 2: You have to get married.

Mom: No, I don’t.

Kid 2: You do. You’ll die alone and that’s sad.

Mom: Everyone kinda dies alone. And I’m not sad. I like living alone.

Kid 2: But you’re just supposed to. You need to love someone and then marry them so they can be there when you die.

Mom: Well…actually…I wanted to tell you something. I’ve been seeing someone.

Kid 2: A therapist?

Me: Ummmmm, no….

Kid 2: Because it’s okay if you need to talk to someone about dying alone.

Cute Kid. Real Cute….

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