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Do You Podcast?

Over the past year I have become smitten with podcasts. So much information that can be listened to while working, driving, showering…any time!

I personally use Spotify to listen to podcasts. No real reason…I just love Spotify and pay for it every month, so that is my reason! It does make it easy to track what you’re listening to and share with friends.

Thought I would regularly share some of my favorites with you.

Today’s recommended listening:

WSJ What’s News by The Wall Street Journal.

Reading the news these days can be overwhelming and time consuming. I work in banking and love to just listen to these short recaps of what is happening in business, the economy, finance and politics for the day. Each episode is less than 15 minutes and if something intrigues me I can look up more info as time allows.

Check it out if it sounds interesting! Share your favorite news sources in the comments.

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