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Do You Podcast?

I am a podcast hoarder. Yep. I save podcasts by the hundreds and try to sample several each day.

Today’s recommended listening for you is HER–Healthy Empowered Relationships. This is hosted by Barry Price. Here is a link to his bio:


In the past, I have struggled to feel empowered within a relationship. I was afraid to make my needs and wants a priority. Not because of my partner, but because of my own fears and issues with intimacy. After my divorce I found this podcast and it really helped me to think through the behaviors I brought into a relationship–why the behaviors were toxic and how to correct them in a future relationship.

Here are 2 particular episodes that were impactful for me. These both prompted me to journal and explore my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Episode June 16 2019: Single Successful Mom

Episode June 17 2019: Living Together & Living On Your Own

Whether you are married, dating or single, I recommend this podcast to help you think through your feelings on relationships. Time spent on making yourself a more aware person is never wasted!

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