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Love on a Nurse

Did you know that May 12th is International Nurses Day? The day was founded to honor nurses around the world. The date was chosen as the day of Florence Nightengale’s birth.

A few years ago I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. The nurses were my world during those 2 weeks. They cared for me, they encouraged me, they were my lifeline–literally and figuratively. It went beyond the nurses to the entire hospital staff. From the lab technicians to the cleaning staff to the doctors, it was a team effort…but the nurses just seemed to be the ones holding me together. They are the backbone of the health care system.

And now, in a time of uncertainty and stress, nurses are still that backbone. They have been fighting every day to keep their patients safe and cared for during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond hospital nurses, there are so many others. I also had a home health nurse. She provided me with much needed support during a time of crisis.

Celebrate the nurses that are out making an impact on so many lives each day!

What can you do?

Send a food, send cards, send flowers, send gift certificates…pamper a nurse!

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