Mokara Spa in Orlando FL

Ahhhhh…self care. I am a big proponent of carving out time for yourself.

This week I traveled to Orlando for a work conference. Mega long days and a very, very peopley situation. When booking the trip several months ago I decided to add a day on to enjoy the sunshine and time away from real life.

I had a hard time relaxing. When getting back to my room in the evenings I talked to my kids and my guy and then fell asleep pretty quickly after. There was a little reading, a little writing, but mostly my brain was resistant to more stimulation.

For my add-on day, I booked an appointment at the Mokara Spa within the Omni resort. What I love most about a spa day is that most Day Spas allow you to use the facilities for the entire day after booking a service.

I arrived at the spa feeling anxious and missing home. My mind was full and my body tired.

I entered the spa and was met by the cheerful staff. They took me right back to the changing area. There I got on my fluffy white robe, my little black slippers and locked my phone away. This is an important part of the process. No phone. My phone can cause anxiety as I feel like I need to be constantly connected to family, friends and work. The lounge attendant was amazing. She walked me around, gave me a cup of cool coconut water and told me she was available for anything I might need.

I started with a shower. They had shaving cream, individually wrapped razors, body wash, shampoo and conditioner available. The shower was a rain shower with multiple options. I stayed in the shower for at least 20 minutes. Starting with the rain setting, then moving to the waterfall setting. Then you could also select mid-section spray and lower body spray. And there was a wand.

Next, I went into the whirlpool. I am in love with hot water. Baths, hot tubs, whirlpools, pools…I’m in every time. 30 minutes of hot, bubbly water and I could start to feel my tension releasing. With nothing to focus on but the water on my skin and the soft music, I found my eyes closing and my mind clearing.

After the whirlpool, I tried out the sauna. It was heavily scented with eucalyptus and I could feel my sinuses clearing. I love the feeling of the sweat being pulled out of my skin. So refreshing. Then, back to the whirlpool with a cool towel over my face.

About 30 minutes before my service I headed to the lounge. There I had some African solstice hot tea, which was amazing, and some trail mix. I sat in a cushy chair and read a magazine. There was a warm weighted lavender neck pillow and blankets. I drifted off a bit because I was so peaceful.

My provider woke me gently when it was time for my appointment. I chose to have the Body Quench service. I highly recommend this for winter skin! She let me smell 8 scents and I ended up choosing Jasmine. The service began with a dry brushing of my body as I lay under warm blankets. She followed the brushing with the Jasmine scented oil. Once I was rubbed and oiled she wrapped me like a burrito and then gave me a fabulous foot massage, followed by a scalp massage. The feeling of being taken care of and safe and warm…it was just what I needed. This treatment was 50 minutes and I wanted to stay all day.

If you are near Orlando, definitely check out the Mokara. If you’re not in the area, check out day spas local to you.

Need a blissful reprieve without leaving the house? Create a spa experience at home. Lock yourself in your bedroom or bathroom, without your phone, and create delights for each of your senses.

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