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WTH is Hygge?

Anyone into hygge? I must admit that I didn’t know what hygge was until recently. The concept is slowly gaining mainstream popularity.

The main idea of hygge is letting go of the small things in life and living within each moment. This is not a new idea, it is a flavor of many other zen philosophies.

Hygge is about enjoying the moment, indulging yourself and spending time with the people you love. It’s about feeling good and making the best memories possible.

Is the time you spend with your loved ones quality? Is the time you spend with yourself quality? Hygge urges you to ask this question each and every day. How many times have you laughed today? How many people have you reached out to or hugged? What have you done for yourself to reduce stress or anxiety?

How the heck do you say this word?! Hugh-Gah…bet you weren’t pronouncing it right. I still say High-Gee in my head.

Treat yourself today, enjoy the small things…the wind on your face, the game of fetch with your dog, the hug of your child, the conversation with your parent…I challenge each of you to find at least five wonderful things within each day to cherish.

Want to learn more about the Danish art of happiness? Try this book:

A great way to spend hours chatting with your loved ones is this Hygge game. Whether you are in person or you have a phone/video chat, a great way to connect and rejuvenate.

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