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Hello to my snarky reader friends! Looking for my fantasy genre lovers today.

Fantasy books tend to feature magic or other supernatural themes. There are usually creatures that use magic and are other than human. Think goblins and wolves and such. Of course vampires fall into this category, as well.

I only became a fantasy fan a handful of years ago. Now some of my favorites fall in this genre.

Today I want to highlight the Sookie Steakhouse series, also known as the True Blood series, by Charlaine Harris.

In today’s current environment, getting your mind off of real life is something that many of us are striving for. This series is perfect for that! There are vampires and telepaths and goblins and fairies and complex relationships thrown in.

I enjoy the main character, Sookie Steakhouse. She is a realistic (aside from the fantasy aspects) female lead character with welcome faults. She has at least 5 male love interests in the story and I love that. It’s unusual to allow a female character to “try out” multiple partners. Get it girl!

The kick off to the series is “Dead Until Dark.” You can find it here:

There are 13 main books in this series. I enjoyed most of them. Definitely light reading.

On a side note, I did watch some of the True Blood series on Showtime after reading this series. It follows the story in general, but not exactly.

If you’ve read the books…who did you want Sookie to end up with?! I was team Erik all the way. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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